Ayus Sabyan Is Advised To Return To His Wife And Child

Claims of an affair between two Sabyan Gambus personnel, Ayus Sabyan and Nissa Sabyan, are still being heard today. Until now, there’s no clarification from Nissa Sabyan regarding the accusation of the affair.

What is clear is that Ayus Sabyan’s wife, Ririe Fairuz, has filed a divorce suit against Keyboardist Sabyan Gambus since last January. The lawsuit filed by Ririe was allegedly due to the presence of a third person who was not Nissa Sabyan.

One of Ayus Sabyan’s younger siblings, Abi, admitted that he did not really know Nissa Sabyan, but the 21-year-old woman did come to the house often to gather with other Sabyan Gambus personnel.

“You know, just not close. In the past, everyone likes to gather here (Ayus’s house). I didn’t suspect anything,” he continued because Nissa Sabyan came to Ayus’ house along with other Sabyan Gambus members.

Furthermore, Abi confirmed that his parents were still in shock regarding the news circulating in the community.

“Yes, I was shocked. His name was a shocked parent, right,” he said.

Since the family trial regarding the divorce suit filed by Ririe Fairuz until now, Abi admits that he has never met his brother again, because indeed on the one hand Ayus Sabyan has been busy lately.

“Not yet. I haven’t seen him yet. He’s still busy right now, Ayus rarely comes home too,” he said.

Of course, as a younger brother, Abi hopes that his brother will return to the way it used to be, return with his wife and young children and give up Nissa Sabyan.

“In order for everything to be normal again, let’s go back to how it used to be. The nissus is also so that Aa Ayus can be released. Yes, let it be normal again, everyone,”

“Hopefully you can return to Erie like before, sorry for her child is still small,”

Abi hoped Ayus’s sister who is number three. In fact, Ayus Sabyan himself has uploaded a clarifying video recently. But, in the video the person concerned did not mention anything about the affair and Nissa Sabyan, he only apologized to his wife and admitted that he was wrong.

Penulis: | 23 Februari 2021 | blog