Awesome! Son donated IDR 2 billion for the victims in South Korea

One commendable attitude came from the world famous football player, this time the beautiful moment was shown by Tottenham striker, Son Heung-Min, who generously donated a portion of his property with the amount of 100,000 Pounds shown to victims of massive fires in South Korea.

South Korea mourns, where they have just experienced a sad event with a big fire that hit a mountainous area in the Northeast of South Korea. Where the location is recorded very close to the North Korean border.

So far the data that can be taken explains that there are 400 houses that have been burned. At least two people were declared killed by the fire and hundreds of other victims are now displaced because their homes have been burned and flattened to the ground.

In this case, the South Korean government said that this incident became the biggest fire in the history of the founding of the country. Meanwhile, from the results of the investigation, there were indications that the fire was triggered by a spark from the transformer or electric transformer that occurred on April 5, 2019.

Son, who learned the news, also felt sad sorrow from the victims, moreover the player was born in South Korea. In this case, he hopes his assistance can ease the burden of the victims.

“This value is nothing compared to the sacrifices given by the victims. Even though I live abroad, I know what happened in my home country. In my opinion, this is an obligation that I have to do for my country.”

“Money is not the main problem. The most important thing is the thought of doing something for the victims. I hope everyone will return to the normal situation and rise together to rebuild the atmosphere before.”


Penulis: | 16 April 2019 | blog