Australia Vs Peru – A Low Key Match To Lookout For!

Australia and Peru have made it to the world cup somehow after having struggled during past qualifying matches. Peru made it through on the very last day of South American qualifiers and then clinched a place in the world cup finals for the first time in 36 years, with a win over New Zealand.

On the other hand, Australia almost lost hope of making it to their fourth consecutive world cup finals, after a series of discomfited draws. It was only the playoff victories against Honduras and Syria that saved the day for the Aussies. While Peru would be looking to make the most of this rare opportunity to make it to the top 16 by garnering a win over the team from Down under, the Aussies won’t just watch the match tripping away from them.


Though it is true that no-one on the roster has ever seen Peru playing in a world cup, which tells you it’s a rare chance that they have got. They, definitely, would be looking forward to making the most of it and it would depend a lot on Paolo Guerrero. He was once banned for failing a drug test and then bought back, to take the team through and he could just start by tormenting a somewhat decent defense of Australia. Christian Cueva would lead the midfield and they might need some antiques up their sleeves to often penetrate the Australian circle and put some pressure on their defense. They would need to maximize their attempts at goal and hope to succeed in a couple of them to get through.


It’s their fourth consecutive world cup, and they surely would be desperate to make it big this time. A meek Peru could be their opportunity to get some momentum in their side. Appointment of Marwijk, the man who coached Netherlands to the final in 2010, speaks volumes about how ambitious they are! They do not really have stars to rely on but Aaron Mooy could be seen leading a charge on the field with his rich club football experience. The eyes will also be on uncapped, Daniel Arzani, who comes in with a lot of hope.

The Prediction

Fisht Stadium would witness the upcoming match, on June 26, 2018. Though there is not much between the two teams to choose from, the recent inclusion of Marwijk and the experience of playing world cups previously could give an edge to Australia against Peru. However, Peru will definitely try hard to gain their chances to win over Australia to qualify from Group C.

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