Aunty Ernie, the figure who went viral this lately…

‘Tante Pemersatu Bangsa’ is the nickname given by Netizens to Aunty Ernie, who was viral because of her sexy photos on Social Media, Instagram. Of course, netizens are curious, who is the person behind this beautiful woman’s photographs.

Aunty Ernie’s name became viral, she even had a chance to become a trending topic on Twitter. The nickname of ‘Tante Pemersatu Bangsa’ is attached to this woman who already has three children and a husband named Irwan Judojono.

Well, it was unexpected that Irwan Judojono, Aunty Ernie’s husband, was the photographer behind her beautiful photos.

The husband originally planned to only photograph his wife in a certain pose, but apparently his wife, who was none other than Aunty Ernie actually uploaded it on Instagram. Unexpectedly, the photos were crowded spread on social media and went viral.

In addition to getting the nickname ‘Tante Pemersatu Bangsa’, Aunty Ernie also has more than 1 million followers.

“Actually most of my photos have never used a photographer, but my personal photographer, he is my husband. He is quite an open minded person. He just said,” Take pictures with this angle or that angle,” she said in a video interview on Hilf Gufron’s Youtube Channel.

At first, Irwan did not mind this at all, but since it became viral and many have spread sexy photos of his wife on social media, the husband has become ‘furious’.

Especially after circulating videos that harass his wife. That reason also made Aunty Ernie no more post any new picture for a month.

“On YouTube, there are people who post my photos to videos and make slides put into YouTube. That made my husband very angry, because the title ‘unboxing: Aunty Ernie Judojono’. Then, you can say how much the tariff is, if I am not mistaken, it is IDR 25 million,” she said.

Not only ordinary men, but high-ranking circles such as artists, musicians to officials are also interested in her.

The mother of three children claimed to have been ‘modulated’ by upper class people, most of whom already had a spouse, but she was reluctant to mention their names. Aunty Ernie also often refuses the invitations to ‘coffee date’ from those people.

Penulis: | 21 Mei 2020 | blog