Aubameyang in the eyes of Unai Emery

Unai Emery never stopped giving praise to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. As an Arsenal coach, Emery assesses if the player never stops helping his team move towards a positive path. If leadership and experience make Emery sure Aubameyang can help the Gunners become more integrated.

Aubameyang entered as one of the candidates for five Arsenal captains. Recorded the player had served as captain when Granit Xhaka pulled out in the match counter Aston Villa in the match early in the English Premier League season. Aubameyang’s decision as captain is not entirely in the hands of Emery, but many agreements from players and also teams that corner one name.

This is said to be natural as Aubameyang’s role is crucial, and the most highlighted here is often helping Arsenal get out of trouble. One of the most obvious here is Aubameyang’s goals born at crucial times.

In the eyes of Emery, Aubameyang has shown his maturity in playing. He is a striker, but never selfish in scoring goals. In the sense that Aubameyang is now more dangerous in every season.

“Now Aubameyang is more experienced. He has played in France, Germany and now in England at a high level with outstanding performance. His experience was very good, his team-mates decided through a vote that they wanted Auba to be the deputy captain.”

“We have a lot of talk and now he is more confident and more mature in the Premier League compared to last year,”

The latest quality of Aubameyang was evident, when he gave Nicolas Pepe a penalty kick to score his first goal. Although Aubameyang is “hungry: for goals and is one of the top scorers, he still thinks of his teammates.

“There was talk after the game against Aston Villa and giving a penalty to Pepe for confidence, it was a great decision. That proves its quality as a great player with a great responsibility for this team, the captain of this team. ”

“He gave that responsibility to Pepe and that moment was a big moment between two great players establishing a very good connection,” concluded Emery.

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