Aubameyang finally responded to Toni Kroos’s criticisms

Real Madrid player, Toni Kroos criticized Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for the celebration of the Arsenal striker’s mask. It didn’t take long, the player from Gabon immediately gave a monstrous reply.

Celebration is a way for football players to celebrate the goals they score against opponents. Every player has a distinctive style of celebration, and Aubameyang is no exception.

Since he was still in Saint-Etienne, then Dortmund and now Arsenal, the player from Gabon has often celebrated wearing masks of fictional characters such as superheroes and so on.

Finally, when defending Arsenal in the Europa League last season. At that time, the former AC Milan player celebrated using the superhero mask Black Panther.

Actually there is nothing wrong with this kind of celebration, there are even several other players including Raul Jimenez who demonstrate a similar celebration.

Many even felt happy when they saw Aubameyang celebrate, but not so with Germany midfielder, Toni Kroos.

This Real Madrid player thinks that celebrating using the mask that Aubameyang often displays is stupid.

However, it didn’t take long for Aubameyang to answer Kroos’ criticism. Through his social media, the former Dortmund player then emphasized that the celebration was only for his son.

“By the way, does this @ToniKroos have any children? Just to remind you that I did this for the sake of my child several times and will repeat it again,”

“I hope you have children someday and make them happy like this school student. And don’t forget #maskon #staysafe,” wrote Aubameyang on Twitter social media.

In his post on Twitter, Aubameyang uploaded an image. In the picture, it looks like a painting of him during a celebration made by children, with the following explanation:

“Joy. School students are asked to think about ‘joy’, and what the word means to them.”

“Each student from grade 1 to grade 6 creates their own picture based on ‘joy’. We hope their joyful pictures can bring joy into your everyday life!”

Penulis: | 13 November 2020 | blog