Atletico Madrid definitely selling Diego Costa

Atletico Madrid claimed they definitely would sell Diego Costa in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market. This certainty is based on the behavior of the players who seem bad on-off in the field, so the club already getting bored.

Diego Costa was recorded came from Chelsea to Atletico Madrid, this moment occurred in January 2017. Before this certainty happened, actually the player’s bad attitude was seen after being frozen from the Chelsea squad, due to a dispute with Antonio Conte.

Entering back to Spanish La Liga, Diego Costa’s inaugural season went smoothly by showing his sharpness under the tutelage of Diego Simeone. But during this season, his performance has dropped dramatically with poor quality.

It was known some time ago, Diego Costa had to leave the field because he got a red card when Atletico Madrid faced Barcelona. Referee Jesus Gil Manzano was forced to issue a red card in the minute 28.

Interestingly here is not a matter of violations committed by Diego Costa against Barcelona players, but a form of racist insult to Manzano. Even worse, Diego Costa arrived at the referee’s mother in the insult.

For this action, Diego Costa was banned from playing for eight matches in all competitions. This decision is fairly heavy which is officially issued directly by the Spanish football federation.

All the bad actions that Diego Costa did in this season were a strong reason for Atletico Madrid to immediately sell it. Despite getting an obstacle from Simeone, who considered it still needed the player’s calm, but the obstacle did not seem to be going positive.

It is known that Atletico Madrid did not want to take a big risk in Diego Costa’s status. For that reason, they think it’s better to let go of the player by bringing in a new attacker who is safer in attitude and playing mentally.

Penulis: | 27 April 2019 | blog