As a result of FFP violations, City are threatened to be relegated from the League

Violations of the Financial Fair Play Regulations or FFP carried out by Manchester City have the potential to present heavier sanctions. Besides being banned from appearing in European competition for the next two seasons, they can also be relegated from the Premier League. Is that right?

The Premier League defending champion has indeed been proven to violate the rules of Financial Fair Play from UEFA. As a result of these violations, they were sanctioned banned from appearing on the European stage (including the European Champions League) in the next two seasons, plus a 30 million Euro fine.

The sanctions are considered the most severe, compared to sanctions ever received by AC Milan, Chelsea and several other clubs. So, what causes more severe sanctions?

Reports circulating mention that The Citizen was found guilty of violating the Financial Fair Play for falsifying sponsorship funds between 2012 and 2016. The counterfeiting was carried out with the aim of making the balance sheet they report to UEFA appear balanced.

Despite appealing, Manchester City are believed to be still absent in the European Champions League next season. Apart from that, revealed a football finance expert Mo Chatra that Manchester City could get even more severe sanctions.

According to him, what was done by Manchester City not only violated the rules of UEFA, but also the British government. Therefore, Chatra has an opinion that Manchester City has the potential to be relegated from the Premier League.

“The fact is, falsifying accounts / accounting is a criminal offense in England precisely in section 17 of Theft Act 1968. If City’s financial records have been amended or falsified to present a distorted position, they are breaking the law,”

“For the avoidance of doubt, I do not recommend City be guilty of this case, but if UEFA’s statement is true, it is possible that the law has also been violated. If City is guilty of this case, not only is a jail sentence possible, but the possibility of expulsion from the Premier League will be inevitable,” explained Charta.

Previously, there was news that Manchester City would be left by several important figures, ranging from star players to coach Pep Guardiola.

Penulis: | 18 Februari 2020 | blog