Arthur’s house was burglarized during Barca vs Liverpool

Unexpectedly Barcelona managed to slaughter Liverpool with a score of 3-0 in the first leg of Champions League semi-final this season. Barcelona supporters also enlivened the glorious victory of the team’s pride, but interestingly here, when all were happy it turned out there was one of the retainer of Barcelona bowed sluggishly.

The player is Arthur. In the match, Arthur was included in the list of Barca’s reserve players. But the Brazilian midfielder was not at all played by Ernesto Valverde, because it was thought the Barcelona player had exceeded his expectations by playing extraordinarily well.

Lionel Messi emerged as the star of the field with a successful two goals, and was opened with Luis Suarez’s goal in the first round. This big victory gives a greater opportunity for Barcelona to reach the next finals.

Behind the success of his colleagues, it turns out that there is also success from other parties, where success comes from the perpetrators of burglary Arthur’s house. Precisely on the eve of the Barcelona vs Liverpool match held on Wednesday Night, 1 May 2019.

Arthur’s house was actually successfully broken into by some irresponsible people. Previously it was rumored that Arthur’s brother, Paulo Henrique had caught the thieves, but unfortunately, his efforts failed because he was threatened with sharp weapons.

Despite all that, Arthur’s family was reported to be in a safe condition. Paulo Henrique also attended the Barca vs Liverpool match at Camp Nou. Initial allegations, the thieves made it into Arthur’s house through a window and took some valuable items, ranging from watches to luxury jewelry.

When referring to this bad moment, Arthur is not the first. Previously, houses of Philippe Coutinho, Kevin-Prince Boateng, and Jordi Alba were also burglarized. In February 2019, Countinho realized that his house had been entered by an unknown person around three in the morning.

For this incident, Countinho immediately moved quickly by contacting the local police. A few days before, Boateng’s house had been the target of robbers first. As a result of this incident, the midfielder who was just signed by Barca in January from Sassuolo, had to lose jewelry and money worth between 300 and 400 thousand Euros.

Much more backward, Alba was first hit by a disaster by losing some valuable items while in Milan, Italy, to strengthen Barca in the Champion League group stage match against Inter Milan.

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