Arsene Wenger share the sensation of watching Arsenal from behind the scenes

Arsene Wenger had disappeared from the coverage of the media crew, the latest was a surprise coming with the legendary Arsenal coach returning to his original world. In his short interview session, Wenger claimed to always watch Arsenal, but was no longer crazy about them.

In this case, Wenger wants to try to give a limit to it, he will be able to live a life of peace. This 69-year-old figure is a legend of the Gunners with a record of 22 years of togetherness with Arsenal, both in the positive moment of winning the trophy and in the negative moments in Arsenal’s downturn.

Seeing the figure of Wenger, it cannot be separated from Arsenal’s big name. Now Arsenal has changed and started its new journey with Unai Emery. It’s not yet a major influence on Arsenal’s continuation in domestic and European, but their steps look good after the Wenger era ended.

Wenger’s loss gave a pretty bad legacy to Arsenal’s strength, this he did because of the pressure of fans who voiced “Wenger Out“. Amid this insistence, it should be a special concern that Wenger is a sensational coach who cannot be underestimated.

Until now, only he was the coach who was able to bring the team to be a champion without being beaten in a season. The Invincible Arsenal still can’t be matched. Assessing the development of Arsenal with Emery, Wenger said he was satisfied and happy. In his opinion, the coach successfully turned Arsenal into loyal fans.

“I watch as a fan. I don’t judge. I am happy when they win and are not happy when they don’t play well. However, afterwards, I tried to keep my distance from it, “Wenger said.

After retreating from the world of football and precisely going from Arsenal, Wenger had the desire to re-train the professional football team. Wenger himself realized and did not rule out the possibility that it happened both as a coach and another team.

“My attitude is too bad, I have ignored my closest people for 40 years in the world of management, so I have had enough time since leaving Arsenal. I also thought, would I return to that hot situation again? ”

“I don’t think it’s too difficult, but when you decide to return, it will be very difficult to end. So I thought: ‘let’s take a little time’. Okay, two months, three months. Now I’m having trouble going back!”

“Obviously I want to go back to the world of football. In what position, I don’t know. Whether it’s a coach or not. That desire, hunger, is still there, “Wenger ended.

Penulis: | 24 Mei 2019 | blog