Arsene Wenger claims Barcelona will sign a new striker

Barcelona still hasn’t sent an offer to Lautaro Martinez, either because it doesn’t have enough pockets or other things. However, Arsene Wenger believes the Catalan giants will continue to recruit new strikers.

Since last summer, Barcelona has been targeting new players on the front lines, and finally they recruited Antoine Griezmann. The French National Team player was bought from a rival club, Atletico Madrid through a high dowry, 120 million euros.

Of course, with such a high price tag and the fact that he performed brilliantly with Atletico Madrid, Griezmann is expected to perform well. It’s just that, throughout the first half of this season Griezmann still seems difficult to show his best performance.

Of his 37 appearances in all competitions, Griezmann scored 14 goals, an amount which was not small, but was deemed incompatible with the dowry paid by Barcelona last summer.

The situation became even more difficult, considering the club’s mainstay striker, Luis Suarez was hit by severe injuries since December 2019. But on the one hand, the club is targeting a brand-new striker to continue the task of the Uruguayan player, because his age is fairly young.

For this purpose, Barcelona is believed to be eyeing Lautaro Martinez, the 22-year-old Argentine striker who performed brilliantly with Inter Milan this season.

About these speculations, Wenger actually considers that Barcelona does not have to sell Luis Suarez, because according to him the ex-Liverpool can still be relied upon. Even so, the Frenchman is confident that Barcelona will still buy a new striker.

“Barcelona always buys the best players. Personally, I’m not sure Suarez needs to be replaced. They can add other strikers because it’s true that Suarez and Messi are the main contributors and they might need someone else who can score goals,” he told BeIN SPORTS.

Furthermore, Wenger also commented on Griezmann who he said would appear even better as time went by.

“I still think Griezmann will at some stage start to score goals, he doesn’t seem to be fully adapted, maybe now after lockdown he will be refreshed because he is also a good goalscorer,”

“But I’m sure they will buy other strikers too.” He said.

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