Arsenal suggested to bring back Arsene Wenger

In the midst of the complicated situation the club is experiencing, Arsenal received advice to bring back the former coach, Arsene Wenger. However, in this case it is not as a coach anymore, but as a partner of the current coach, Mikel Arteta.

After managing the Gunners’ first team since 1996, Arsene Wenger only left Arsenal in the summer of 2018. At that time, the man from France was considered exhausted because the team’s performance continued to decline.

Before being expelled by the club management, Wenger then resigned from his post. But who would have thought, Wenger’s departure would even make Arsenal’s situation worse.

After 22 years of Wenger’s training, the Gunners have to start again from scratch, maybe even more difficult than a change of coach in general. It can be seen from Unai Emery, who progressed as a successor to Wenger, instead he met a complete failure.

The man from Spain only lasted one season before being sacked. Meanwhile, the current coach, Mikel Arteta, is still struggling until now.

Charlie Nicolas, one of the Premier League analysts, thinks that Arsenal are not completely free from problems.

In fact, he considered the problems that Arsenal were experiencing at this time were piling up, and on the one hand the club also did not have enough financial strength to cover up the problem.

For this reason, Charlie Nicolas advised Arsenal to re-recruit Arsene Wenger in the matter of recruiting talented young players at a relatively cheaper price.

“About two years ago I had suggested that they [Arsenal] should send Arsene Wenger home,”

“When Wenger and David Dein work together, the brand can bring in Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira. This kind of cooperation is what the coach wants.” said Nicholas quoted from Goal.

In other words, Arsene Wenger’s return to Arsenal is not to replace Arteta, but to become his partner in player transfers.

“He will not be a threat to Arteta, he is there to help him. He is a genuine Arsenal fan, and because of that he will show the leadership and understanding the club needs,” he said.

Since Wenger’s departure, Arsenal have struggled to buy the right players in the transfer market.

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