Arsenal players looked terrified when facing Southampton

Theo Walcott, a former Arsenal player who is now wearing a Southampton costume, admitted that it was strange to see Arsenal players throughout the match. By the looks of it, Mikel Arteta’s landing team looked terrified.

The Premier League continued match took place on Thursday morning WIB (17/12) at the Emirates Stadium.

When the game has only been running for 18 minutes, Bern Leno’s goal has been missed by former Arsenal player, Theo Walcott. This goal automatically changes the position to 0-1 advantage for the visitors.

Luckily for the hosts, at the start of the second half, Pierre-emerick Aubameang scored a goal back which turned the position into a 1-1 draw.

Unfortunately for Arsenal, because shortly after the equalizer, Gabriel Magalhaes received a second yellow card from the referee which forced the player to leave the match.

Playing with only 10 players in the remaining matches made Arsenal unable to do much, but at least they were able to withstand Southampton’s attacks, so the score drew 1-1 did not change.

Well, after the match, Theo Walcott talked about the performance of his former team. According to the 31-year-old player, Arsenal’s players seemed to feel scared throughout the match.

“I felt a lot of fear from Arsenal tonight, to be honest,” Walcott, who has also played for Arsenal, told Amazon.

Interestingly, coach Mikel Arteta, who had been a teammate of Walcott at Arsenal, spoke with the player after the match.

Arteta admitted that Walcott never touched on the fear of his players in these brief conversations. That fact led Arteta to assume that it might just be an expression of Walcott’s own feelings.

“I don’t know. I was just about to say that I was just talking to him and he never mentioned it,”

“He mentioned other things but never mentioned it. I don’t know if he said about his feelings,” Arteta said in a post-match press conference, quoted by Goal International.

Whatever it is, what is clear is that this draw keeps Arsenal from moving from 15th place in the standings.

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