Arsenal Legend was disappointed with Serie A attitude in overcoming racism

Arsenal legend, Ian Wright is known as an active figure in giving harsh criticism to the deviation of world football players, including what he just did to the Italian Serie A. Latest mentioned that the legend issued a scathing criticism to the highest Italian soccer authorities that underestimate the case of racism that occurred.

Serie A has been in the public spotlight in recent years, racism cases have often arisen. Evidently, some unscrupulous supporters often provide racist insults against ‘dark skin players’. Not long ago, Cagliari fans were caught on camera insulting racism against Inter Milan’s new striker, Romelu Lukaku.

It was clearly heard that some of the home fans imitated the sound of monkeys as Lukaku prepared to execute a penalty against Cagliari in the second week of Serie A at the weekend. This situation also made Ian Wright’s blood rise, here he admitted that he was very disappointed, because racism in Italy seemed to continue to run freely and considered no firm attitude from Serie A.

“Cagliari are used to this, they have a bad track record about racism. You can see what happened to Sulley Muntari, Samuel Eto’o, Moise Kean and Romelu Lukaku. They became victims of Cagliari and the perpetrators must be punished with very severe sanctions.” said Ian Wright.

“It is clear what should be given to them, I think the most severe. They must be stopped, they need to be threatened and silenced with a shock that should be a deterrent. ”

With all the hopes Ian Wright wants, but on the other hand he also claims to be very pessimistic that there will be meaningful changes in Serie A, as he considers that the league leaders are not very concerned.

“I can just let my heart out about anything, but I don’t think what I’m saying will make any difference. It can be seen how the reaction of the Italian Federation is not really serious about this racism problem. We can see repeatedly that the racism case is circulating, but there is no firm action from them. “Ian Wright concluded.

Responding to this situation, it is fortunate for Lukaku to get a lot of support especially when the support came from Inter Milan fans who asked the former Manchester United player not to take the matter too seriously.

In the view of Inter fans, Lukaku should feel big hearted and proud because only players who are considered dangerous get racism from supporters of their opponents.

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