Arsenal did win, but Liverpool still much better?

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta did not immediately think his team was better than Liverpool after defeating the defending Premier League champions in the Carabao Cup this morning.

Yes, for the second time in the 2020/21 season, Arsenal travel to Anfield to play host Liverpool. This time, the super big match duel is titled the last 16 of the Carabao Cup, or the League Cup.

Liverpool are clearly more favored even though coach Jurgen Klopp fielded a second tier squad from the first minute. However, in reality the match ended with the score in a goalless draw which was then followed by a penalty shootout.

In the shootout round, Arsenal’s Away Team won 5-4 and had the right to advance to the quarter-finals. That way, the North London Club’s chances of winning the Premier League Cup trophy this season are even greater.

Speaking after the match, coach Mikel Arteta was proud of the performance of his team. The tactician’s special credit goes to goalkeeper Bernd Leno who made a number of important saves.

“I am very happy with our performance. I think the players are outstanding. We improved a few things from last Monday and the results were incredible. We fought much better, our level of aggressiveness, the way we pressed them, it was all extraordinary.”

“Bernd Leno is doing very well. When we needed him, we had him. You need top individual performance to win at Anfield and that’s what we have tonight,” Arteta said on Arsenal’s official website.

It’s never easy for any team to win at Anfield. Arsenal’s victory there does not mean that the Gunners are better than Liverpool’s hosts.

“Coming here and playing with determination and courage is a big step for our team. They are already on the right track,”

“The distance to Liverpool is still far away. We will continue to develop to try to reach their level,” he said.

At the previous meeting, Arsenal themselves were defeated by a landslide score of 1-3 in the Premier Leag

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