Arsenal believe will shine under direction of Mikel Arteta

This conviction was spoken by one of the former Arsenal players, Bacary Sagna. He greatly admired the way the Spanish manager handled his players.

As is known, Mikel Arteta was appointed to be the successor of Unai Emery who was expelled since the beginning of December 2019. Slowly, he brought the Gunners to crawl up in the Premier League standings.

Although only one rank, but overall performance seems to improve under the direction of this former Pep Guardiola assistant. However, the positive note is being delayed for a while.

The English Premier League is indeed being suspended right now following the COVID-19 outbreak which continues to run rampant in the Land of Great Britain. As a result, Arsenal stopped all club activities for a while, and called on all players, coaches and staff to carry out independent quarantine.

Although it’s disappointing to see the competition stall temporarily in the midst of good momentum, but still Arsenal still need a lot of improvement.

It seems that it will be very difficult for them to return to competition for the Premier League title. Just look at the last few seasons, the club even difficult to penetrate the last four major standings. However, this fact does not necessarily make Bacary Sagna feel pessimistic.

The former French National Team player is very confident that Arsenal can have a bright future under the direction of the Spanish coach who was a former teammate.

“Arsenal can also do it, because if you have to face Arsenal, it will always be difficult because of the way they move and play,” Sagna told Goal International.

Furthermore, Sagna also praised the Arteta method to maximize the performance of the players. Like Shkodran Mustafi and David Luiz who had harvested criticism at the beginning of this season, now look good.

“If he is unhappy with one player, he will tell us that they were kicked out of the team and have to work hard to get back. If you look at this team, even the spirit has changed. Whether it’s running or chasing, they look like animals. ”

“Everyone criticized Mustafi and David Luiz, but Mikel has changed the way they survive,” concluded Sagna.

Penulis: | 2 April 2020 | blog