Arda Turan is threatened in jail after attacking the famous Turkish singer

Barcelona player, Arda Turan seems unable to escape the controversial news. Having previously been involved in tax evasion cases and cases with the Turkish national team. He recently returned to hot news about the threat of prison sentences of 3 to 12 years.

This threat cannot be separated from the allegations against Turan. because he reportedly attacked the famous Turkish singer in a nightclub. Turan, who is currently working in Turkey along with Istanbul Basaksehir as a Barcelona loan player, was also charged with sexual harassment.

The more burdensome Turan when this report led to the reaction of the player called exploding firearms which resulted in great panic. The most damning thing to Turan has that firearm without a license.

So naturally, if the threat of 3-12 years imprisonment is attached to Turan. The riots occurred when Turan was involved in a fight with a man who felt his wife was teased by Turan. Incidentally the man’s wife was a famous Turkish singer, Ozlem Ada.

Based on the witnesses, Turan was considered drunk and did not feel that he was giving out temptations to Ada. “You are very beautiful, if you are not married I wouldn’t let you go,” said Berkay Sahin as Ada’s husband.

“Shoot me if you want,” Sahin continued to Turan before finally the standard hamtam occurred which resulted in Sahin’s nose broken. It didn’t take long, Sahin was rushed to the nearest hospital. Turan itself did not take long, also came to the hospital by apologizing.

The story of this heat is not over yet, upon arrival at the hospital. Turan surprisingly brought back the firearms used in the club by asking for forgiveness from Sahin and said “Shoot me if you want.”

Sahin firmly refused the Turan proposal. But who would have thought if Sahin’s reaction made Turan angry and fired the gun on the floor to cause panic in the hospital. As a result of all this chaos, Sahin himself cannot be separated from the threat of punishment.

It was stated from the local police, Sahin accused of insulting Turan. He faces a sentence of three months to two years in prison. The crowds of this news have not yet received an official statement from Basaksehir.

Turan’s third club at the European level has not issued a decision to Turan. Apart from all the club sanctions, Basaksehir has certainly maintained Turan’s status as an official player.

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