Apple prohibits iPhone been used by movie villains

As one of the most popular smartphones, it seems natural that Apple’s iPhone is often used as part of film properties. Many widescreen movies have one or more figures operating an iPhone.

In fact, this has been going on for a long time, counting since the iPhone 3 is popular among the people. But after all these years, then Apple implemented a pretty strange rules related to products that are used as film properties.

One of the interesting rules is that any iPhone is strictly prohibited from being used as a property to be operated by evil characters in widescreen movies.

It was Director Rian Johnson who revealed this when promoting his latest feature film titled Knives out. who just promoted his latest film, Knives Out.

The director then commented on this rule. According to him, these rules have the potential to damage the plot of a mystery film.

The reason is, people already know that the iPhone is not possible to be used by evil characters, so if there are characters who do not use iPhone phones, the audience can already guess that he is the villain.

“Apple allows the use of iPhones in movies but if you watch mystery movies, bad characters can’t use iPhones. Every director who has a villain in his film and should be a secret might kill me right now, “he said, quoted by Independent.

Perhaps, Apple’s intention to enforce this rule is to maintain the image of their cellphones. The vendor just does not want the iPhone image to be damaged because it is operated by an evil character or character in a film.

But please note, Apple also imposes strict rules on each of their products that appear on the screen. For example, Apple products must be displayed only in bright conditions and in a context that benefits the Apple product itself.

While on the one hand, the film is forbidden to claim that they have been sponsored by Apple. In fact, showing Apple products in good lighting conditions is part of the promotion.

But anyway, of course the directors must respect the policies set by Apple.

Penulis: | 27 Februari 2020 | blog