Anya Geraldine’s Response When Meeting Rizky Febian

A beautiful celebrity, Anya Geraldine, looked so excited and hysterical when she met Rizky Febian in an award ceremony on one of the private television stations recently.

Anya and Rizky Febian were indeed involved in the Love mantra trilogy project some time ago. At that time, there was even a rumor that the young couple was in love with the location.

The gossip is believed to be true, because whether it’s coincidence or not, Anya Geraldine also broke up with her lover. However, both Rizky Febian and Anya denied the rumors, they emphasized that their relationship was only limited to close friends.

Sure enough, after the Love mantra project, Rizky Febian and Anya Geraldine rarely met. For this reason too, when she met the son of Sule on a television program last Wednesday night (24/03), Anya looked excited.

“So happy, I immediately grabbed ‘Iky!’ I see, “said Anya Geraldine.

In fact, Anya immediately went to a special tent for Rizky Febian, where they spent time chatting before the event started.

“Yes, I met him when he was buying coffee and he suddenly came in, I saw him surprised because I haven’t seen him for a long time. Finally, from there to his room he played,” said Anya Geraldine.

Anya himself explained that his relationship with Rizky Febian is still very good, it’s just that he rarely meets the singer of the song “Perfection of Love” because of their busyness and the ongoing pandemic.

“Me and him are still really bestfriends, but we don’t always meet, they are still very good and warm,” added Anya Geraldine.

In a separate interview, Rizky Febian himself admitted that he was happy because he could meet Anya Geraldine again, he also congratulated Anya on his victory in one of the categories at the award ceremony.

“I’m happy, I’m good friends with him. I haven’t met for a long time, it was really fitting to meet him in the lobby. Then I ended up chatting together, joking around. And congrats for Anya for getting an award at the Insert Fashion Awards,” said Rizky Febian.

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