Antonio Conte claimed will stay longer at Inter Milan

Inter Milan will reportedly sack Antonio Conte after the end of the campaign this season. But, Alessandro Altobelli was not convinced by the news.

The former Juventus coach began to coach the Nerazzurri first team last summer. At the beginning of the season, the club found a series of good results, even perched for a long time at the top of the standings.

But since the turn of the year, the situation seems to change. Inter began to lose a number of important points and eventually evicted to 3rd position.

This situation made Conte the spotlight, then there were rumors that Inter would not use the services of the tactician again. Former Juventus coach reportedly will be expelled from the coach’s seat after the end of this season.

Not only that, the Nerazzurri also claimed to have prepared a replacement candidate for Conte, he is another former Juventus coach, Max Allegri.

For information, currently Allegri does not have a club after leaving Juventus at the end of last season. His achievements are also good, having embraced 5 Scudetto at Juve, and 1 Scudetto with Milan.

However, club legend Alessandro Altobelli is not sure Conte will leave Inter at the end of the season. According to him, Conte will be retained by Inter Milan next season.

“Apart from a three-year contract, I don’t see many clubs in which are willing to satisfy him in everything like Inter. The club showed it to him last summer, he recruited the players he wanted and released the players he didn’t want.

“Management supports it very well. Conte is one of the best coaches and he will stay here,” Altobelli told FcInter 1908.

Inter Milan’s performance is slowly improving, and now they are in second position in the standings with a one point advantage over Atalanta.

With two matches left, of course the Nerazzurri’s job is to maintain that position.

“I hope that the team, unlike what Conte said, will rank second. It’s not like winning, but it will still be fun after years of anonymity.” He said.

In the two remaining matches, Inter will face tough opponents, first Napoli then followed by Atalanta.

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