Antonio Conte admits AC Milan is “onfire”

The duo of Milan, AC Milan and Inter Milan are currently competing at the top of the 2020/21 Serie A standings. Inter Milan coach, Antonio Conte then spoke up about this fact.

AC Milan itself has actually appeared consistently since the second half of last season and they managed to continue this good performance at the start of this season.

From a total of 13 matches that have taken place, the Rossoneri have recorded 31 points, thanks to which Stefano Piolo’s men are now sitting at the top of the standings.

Meanwhile, Inter Milan themselves do not want to lose, they are only one point behind and are now second in the standings.

The rivalry of the two clubs in the City of Milan seemed more pronounced at the start of this season. On the one hand, the two of them also faced each other a few months ago, with Inter acting as the host, but AC Milan managed to win at that time with a final score of 2-1.

On paper, AC Milan does look superior to Inter Milan. They also haven’t even lost once until now. Even though the Rossoneri are still competing on the Europa League stage, while Inter have been eliminated from the group phase.

No wonder Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte congratulated Stefano Pioli because he felt that AC Milan is currently a little better than his team.

“They [AC Milan] are doing very well, I’m happy for Pioli,” Conte was quoted as saying by Football Italia.

Of course, Conte’s adulation made the Inter Milan fans not accept it, given the fact that the rivalry between the two camps had long been hard.

However, Conte did not remain silent, because according to him AC Milan also needed struggle and hard work to reach the level like it is now.

“We are trying to create a path that will lead Inter to first place in Serie A. This journey is shaped by hard work, then there is corporate support, which you have to ask the club,” he concluded.

But however this is only the beginning of the season, Inter Milan are still very likely to win the throne from their rivals.

Penulis: | 23 Desember 2020 | blog