Anindita Hidayat speaks up on dating rumor with Rizky Febian

One of the Indonesian celebgram, Anindita Hidayat later became a byword, because it was said to be close to Rizky Febian.

Now, when asked about the gossip about her closeness to Rizky Febian on the Youtube Channel of Gofar Himan, this beautiful celebrity claimed to have known the Comedian Sule’s Child for a long time.

“The first time I met 2015, I was the MC of her event and this was her single on my radio and so let’s meet and she wasn’t too aware either, it was just a glance.” Anindita said.

On social media, Anindita claimed to also be a follower of Rizky Fabian, but not because there was another intention, she admitted that she really liked watching Vlog Sule.

“And I followed because I did follow his family, I love watching Sule’s vlogs of all kinds,” Anindita said in the video.

As for the issue of their relationship, Anindita stressed that he and Rizky were only good friends, nothing special.

“Eh, he suddenly took a photo of me. Then he commented. I’m nothing, we’re friends. I’m such a good friend. But I don’t know what in the future people will think about, “said Anindita.

So, what is the ideal man that Anindita Hidayat like? She apparently prefers men who are much older, brown-skinned, with muscular stature and beard. Of course, all these criteria are not in Rizku Febian,

“The beard. I ‘die’ with the beard. Then the color is dark. The stature that became so you know, not so thin, there is something that can be held, can protect you know, “she said.

“Physically must be higher than me, because I like wearing high heels right. For the age, I want older, so he will be much mature, under 40 (years), 32, 35, OK, the important thing is that he is ready. ”

For information, the 24-year-old woman is indeed often in the spotlight on Instagram, because it often uploads sexy photos. In the last observation, Anindita Hidayat had approximately 95 thousand followers.

Penulis: | 20 Juli 2020 | blog