Andrew Robertson Denies Conflict Issues with Alisson Becker

In the midst of the difficult times experienced by Liverpool, the issue of conflict between goalkeeper Alisson Becker and mainstay defender Andrew Robertson has surfaced. The two of them were even rumored to be involved in a fight, but these rumors were denied by Robertson.

Currently, especially in the Premier League, Liverpool are indeed going through a difficult time. Last week, they even lost with a final score of 0-2 to city rivals, Everton. In fact, it was Liverpool’s fourth straight Premier League defeat.

No doubt, this difficult period seemed to propagate to other things, such as the issue of Jurgen Klopp’s resignation from the managerial chair to the news of the dispute between Alisson Becker and Andrew Robertson.

The two players reportedly blamed each other and clashed after the defeat to Leicester City two weeks ago and ended up getting into a fight in the canging room.

However, Andrew Robertson strongly denied these claims and considered the media is only lacking topics to make news.

“I don’t look like the boxer type, do I? The two people who were least [likely] to fight in the changing room were Ali and me; I think the people sitting at home are a little bored, ”

“Obviously someone made up rumors that the coach didn’t come home, while Ali and I had a fight,” Robertson told Sky Sports.

Furthermore, Robertson emphasized that his team-mates did not pay attention to the rumors circulating in the media at all, they were only focused on performance to get back to winning ways again.

“I love how I end up with chapped lips. I prefer the opposite but beggars can’t be picky! ”

“The things that are written don’t make sense. For the players and everyone on the training ground, we just need to block all of that.” He said.

Meanwhile, the series of defeats that have been experienced have made Liverpool even more left behind, even in 6th place in the standings with a difference of two points from the top four.

Furthermore, the Marseyside Team has the opportunity to achieve good results, because it will face Sheffield United.

Penulis: | 23 Februari 2021 | blog