Andrea Pirlo reveals plan once Ronaldo recovered from Covid-19

Juventus coach, Andrea Pirlo has pocketed a new plan once Cristiano Ronaldo recovers from exposure to the Corona virus. What’s the new manager’s plans like?

Since being appointed as the main manager of Juventus, Pirlo has handled Dybala and Cs in six matches in all competitions. The details are three wins and three draws.

Two wins each over Sampdoria and Dynamo Kiev, while another win over Napoli was won without playing a match. This is because Napoli themselves are reluctant to come to Turin.

While the three draws included against AS Roma, Crotone and most recently Hellas Verona. Actually, the last two opponents should have been beaten by the Bianconneri.

But it is undeniable that Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence made the Juventus front lines appear unable to do much. As is known, the Portuguese star is undergoing self-quarantine after contracting the Corona Virus.

So far, it is not known when Ronaldo will recover, but what is clear is that Pirlo already has plans when the 35-year-old can play again.

“We can play Ronaldo with Alvaro Morata or with Paulo Dybala, depending on his characteristics,” said Andrea Pirlo as quoted by Sky Sports Italia.

Alvaro Morata can be said to be looking good lately. Meanwhile, Juventus also has Dejan Kulusevski, who was brought in last summer.

“Ronaldo’s classic position is to start slightly to the left and cut inside. Dybala and Kulusevski can do that too,” said Pirlo.

In addition, there are still other options on the attack line that could make coach Andrea Pirlo try new variations of attack. What is clear, the main goal of the tactician is to make the opponent’s defense inconvenient.

“Positions can be exchanged during the match, the important thing is to move within a certain zone to create problems for the opponent’s defense,” explained Pirlo.

With very minimal preparation in the pre-season, it is possible that Pirlo has not found the right composition for his squad. However, Juventus must clean up because in the middle of this week they will be faced with tough opponents, Barcelona.

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