Andrea Pirlo facing difficulty at Juventus, this is what Roberto Mancini said…

The Italian National Team’s Tactician, Roberto Mancini also commented on the difficult situation that Andrea Pirlo is facing as Juventus manager this season. According to the former Inter Milan coach, what Pirlo is experiencing is commonplace.

As is known, the long-haired man was appointed as Juventus manager last summer to replace Maurizio Sarri who was previously fired.

Actually, Pirlo’s appointment is full of surprises, considering that he is still very young and has no experience in handling a football team.

Netizen doubts sounded loud, and sure enough, Pirlo seemed to have failed to make the Old Lady appear stable since the beginning of the 2020/21 season.

Most recently, Juventus even lost to Inter Milan with a score of 0-2. Thanks to this defeat, the Bianconneri are further away from the top of the standings and the chances of defending the title are running low.

No wonder many Juventus fans then voiced Pirlo’s dismissal from the managerial chair. However, Roberto Mancini asked his former colleague not to feel panic about a situation like this.

“I think it was normal when he had some problems at the start,” Mancini told Domenica Sportiva.

Furthermore, the former Inter Milan coach also reminded the situation faced by someone while still actively playing on the field and being a coach on the side of the field is very different.

In other words, Andrea Pirlo may have been the world’s top player, but he will definitely have a hard time working as a coach.

“Even though he is a top player, coaching is different from when he was still actively playing. It’s normal when he has difficulties and the situation will improve slowly but surely.” He said.

As for the defeat against Inter Milan, according to Mancini it is also a natural thing.

“Juventus can play badly every now and then. This situation happens a lot in world football.” he said.

What is clear is that the defeat of Inter Milan has forced Juventus to be eliminated to 5th place in the standings, and is seven points behind the leaders, Inter Milan.

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