Andrea Pirlo Affirms Juventus Have Not Gave Up On The Scudetto Problem

Juventus are now starting to doubt that they can continue their dominance on the Italian Serie A stage, especially after the draw against Hellas Verona last weekend which left the club further behind from the top of the standings.

The duel that took place at MarcAntonio Bentegodi is expected to cut the distance with Inter Milan and AC Milan who are sitting in the top two of the standings. In addition, on paper the Bianconneri also appeared superior to the house club.

Hope also seemed to bloom when Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring for Juventus in the 49th minute. But unfortunately, midway through the first half, Antonio Barrak scored a goal that made the score 1-1.

Juventus had tried to score a goal in the remainder of the match, but unfortunately the position did not change until the game was over.

The 1-1 score made the defending champion pocketed only one point from this match.

With only one additional point, Juventus are now 10 points behind the temporary top, Inter Milan.

This fact has made some of Juventus fans begin to be pessimistic about the chances of his beloved team defending the 10th Scudetto in succession, but this is not the case with coach Andrea Pirlo.

“I wouldn’t say that we could go after the Scudetto if I didn’t know that the team also had the same thoughts,”

“I know that the players believe they can achieve it, they are training well and want to win the title again, and this makes me feel calm,” said Pirlo as quoted by Football Italia.

What happens in the final standings of the season also depends on the results obtained by the opposing teams, but Pirlo is reluctant to think about the opposing team and focus on the results of his care team.

“We don’t see who is at the top or behind, we just concentrate on ourselves. The target has to be the same, there are a lot of games and as long as there is room to recover, we will be there.”

“The main objective is to win all the games, we know that we have dropped a few points, but that is a problem that has passed. We have to look to the future and that future is called Spezia, “he continued.

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