Andrea Dovizioso opened door to a Repsol Honda offer

Three-time MotoGP runner-up, Andrea Dovizioso, has decided to take a hiatus from the Racing World, but he will not refuse if an offer comes from the Repsol Honda Team.

As is known, the Italian rider decided to leave the Ducati Team since August 2020 with no contract extension agreement.

After officially parting ways with the Italian manufacturer, Dovi reportedly received many offers from other manufacturers, but they were dominated by offers as a test rider.

Even though he is 34 years old, Dovizioso feels that he is still not ready to just become a Test Rider.

In other words, he felt that he could still compete on the track, which for that reason he decided to take a hiatus from MotoGP and work on the Motocross stage.

“Honestly, I’m not ready to just be a test rider. I’m not saying test rider is an insignificant job, but I still feel like a complete racer. In this moment, I feel like a motocross rider,” said ‘Dovi’.

According to information heard, Andrea Dovizioso has the opportunity to be recruited by the Repsol Honda Team following the unstable condition of Marc Marquez and reportedly unable to participate directly in the first series of MotoGP this season.

It was said that the Repsol Honda Team was considering Dovizioso to become a temporary replacement for Marc Marquez. Regarding this rumor, Dovi admits that he is openly waiting for the Honda Repsol Team to offer him, but does not want to be too eager to return to the track.

“I am open to Honda, but I do not justify any means to find a place to return to. I am only interested in certain projects.”

“So, if there is a chance to return to MotoGP, whether in 2021 or 2022, I will be the first to announce it. If not, then no problem, “said Dovizioso.

What is clear, Dovizioso is currently only willing to accept a serious offer to become a MotoGP rider again and fight for the title.

“Everything depends on what they offer. What is clear will not be a simple call. There must be a serious project, a desire to work together,” he said.

Penulis: | 1 Februari 2021 | blog