Andrea Dovizioso admits he does not accept the results in the Czech MotoGP

Ducati Team rider, Andrea Dovizioso was disappointed with the results in the third MotoGP this season. As is known, the 34-year-old Rider was only able to finish in 11th place in the race held at Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic last weekend.

After successfully finished at third position and climbing the podium in the first race in Jerez, Spain, Dovizioso’s performance did appear to have decreased dramatically in the third series. Likewise with Danilo Petrucci and Pramac Racing rider, Jack Miller.

In fact, this circuit is known to be friendly with the Desmosedici, even Dovizioso and Miller managed to get on the podium in a series of races at the same circuit last season.

No wonder, the Italian racer admitted that he was very disappointed by the fact that he only finished at 11th position.

“We should be able to beat everyone here, and in fact, only finished at 11th. So, it really doesn’t make sense. We have to understand what’s going on. We have to be calm in studying data, because this method always works.”

“Fortunately, Pecco (Bagnaia) is strong in Jerez and Johann is strong here, so we can learn both data,” said ‘Dovi’ via GPOne.

Furthermore, Dovizioso felt an oddity in his mount in the Czech Series yesterday, considering that in the previous two series Desmosedici was very reliable with the setup he wanted.

“I have some ideas, but still have to study the data. This is the second time a Ducati rider with a different setup and racing style has been faster than us.”

“We have changed the bike over the last few years and managed to get the results we wanted. But, this time nothing worked out well and it’s weird, “he said.

Now, Dovizioso is increasingly unacceptable considering the fact that his riding is very slow in braking, even though usually this sector is always controlled very well.

“It’s really unacceptable that I lost time in braking, which was my strength. It’s totally unacceptable. Now we are slow when we exit corners and are ineffective in braking. So we are worried,” he concluded.

As a result of the results in Czech yesterday, Dovizioso had to settle for falling to position 4 in the standings by pocketing 31 points.

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