Andrea Belotti is fit to be Higuain’s successor at Juventus

Lately, there is strong speculation that claims that Gonzalo Higuain will leave Juventus at the end of the season. Claudio Marchisio as a former Juve then suggested his former club to recruit Andrea Belotti as his successor.

Higuain, who was bought from Napoli in the summer of 2016, was indeed able to perform brilliantly with Juventus. Since returning from his loan spell last summer, Higuain’s sharpness has been dull.

It also appears from the statistics, where the Argentine players only scored nine goals and eight assists in 36 appearances in all competitions.

Given his age is no longer young, did not rule out el Pipita will be released by Juventus in the transfer market next summer.

Moreover, news got out that claimed that the former Real Madrid player wanted to return to Argentina. Because he wants to be near his mother who is currently struggling with cancer.

If it is true that in the end Higuain left Turin, the club will automatically have to look for successors. Before this, there was news of Bianconneri’s interest in Mauro Icardi, but the Argentine was officially bailed out by Paris Saint-Germain.

Several other names also surfaced including Harry Kane. However, club legend Claudio Marchisio suggested the name Andrea Belotti. According to him, the mainstay Torino player will be very fitting to replace Higuain.

“He is the striker that Juventus needs, especially with Higuain who hasn’t found his performance yet,” Marchisio told Gazzetta dello Sport.

However, Marchisio also doubted this discourse could be realized given Andrea Belotti is a Torino player, and the rivalry between the two Turkish teams is so thick.

“I doubt anyone like him would want to become a Bianconero. He and Izzo have the spirit of Toro, “he continued.

As a player who was also born in the city of Turin, Marchisio then hopes that II Toro can also achieve success, including stepping into the European Champions League like Atalanta did.

“As someone from Turin, I hope to see them in the Champions League soon, adopting the Atalanta model,” he concluded.

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