Anastasia Pradhita Claims She Often Get Offers From Pervert

Presenter Anastasia Pradhita recently revealed the fact that she often gets “all kinds of” offers from masher men. However, Anastasia made sure that she never even accepted the offer.

For information, Anastasia Pradhita is a presenter, her beautiful face and posture soaring up to 170 cm make her a dream for men.

However, not a few men even made an “unclear” offer to the owner of the full name Anastasia Pradhita Adelina. Like once, he was offered to host a private event on an island.

Initially, Anastasia tried to listen to the details of the off air offer, but she felt something was wrong and she finally refused.

“I’ve also been offered an off-air one, but how come I feel the offer is unnatural and strange, ‘Do you want to be a private host, that’s a private event? On an island like that. If you’re invited to have dinner with the one who has the event, it’s up to you, your choice. . ‘”

“I honestly always follow my feelings, if I feel uncomfortable, have a bad feeling or something is wrong, I’d better refuse it firmly. I’ve never tried anything weird,” said Ditha when contacted by detikcom.

Now, what is no less surprising, Anastasia Pradhita also admitted that she had received offers from several sources, ranging from invitations to dinner, shopping, and even offers to date.

There are also those who call themselves several times at night, sending nonsense messages and so on.

“The worst thing is that sometimes there are sources who, after being interviewed, contact them via text with non-professional intentions, hunted and make calls at night”

“Then there are those who feel they have a position and are respected and keep inviting strange things. Inviting dinner, shopping, meeting, hanging out, even dating, “said Ditha.

Sometimes, the offer from the masher who is the source makes Anastasia feel a dilemma.

“Well, there I feel so disappointed that we can be bought like that. If we don’t obey, we will be bullied. If you do, how come you are not professional and I feel that you have no pride,” said Ditha.

Penulis: | 9 Maret 2021 | blog