Analyzing the 7th July Sweden Vs England Match

Seventh July will be a day of a great thrill for Football fans globally since it will be a match between Sweden and England. This FIFA 2018 World Cup tournament has been a roller-coaster ride and it has already seen quite a few favorites leave without making much noise.

How does England Fare?

But that said, 7th July 2018’s match between Sweden and England at Samara Arena will be a tough clash between two teams that have so far held their ground at FIFA. Gareth Southgate, the Coach of the English team has been ecstatic after Colombia win. That win was a necessary boost to the team, which has been under keen observation of the fans and football critic worldwide.

Harry Kane has scored in most recent six international matches, including three games in Russia. The last match between England and Colombia saw Harry Kane stand out once again and this time to ensure that the other teams start taking a note of that. This said, even the defense that the team of England has put up is very impressive. The Goal keeping of the English team has been the talking point too.

How does Sweden Fare?

So far, Sweden is looking forward to making a stunning performance here because they have been trying to get to the Semi-finals soon. They are aware of the opposing team’s strengths. The team’s last outing in the World Cup quarter-finals has been in 1994. So, it will be more of breaking the jinx this time. The Scandinavian team is on the top of the Group F table with six points and two wins and one loss.

The team’s coach, Janne Andersson is optimistic since the team has been doing well so far. Of course, the team currently does not have a legend playing in the squad. But that should not be a problem since it has not been a problem so far for the team to reach this far.

A Match to Lookout For

It is certainly not a one-sided match at all since we have already seen some great teams make for the exit just a few days ago in FIFA. This time, the FIFA World Cup has been witnessing some new talents blossom up and how! These are enough reasons for you to sit before the television to catch the match. May the best team win and may the viewers get the visual treat with some quality football!

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