Amazing! 102-year-old woman recovers from Coronavirus

In the midst of assumptions that claim the lack of life opportunities for elderly people infected with COVID-19, a story emerged of a 102-year-old Italian woman, who had recovered from the outbreak.

Increasingly, COVID-19 positive cases are increasing worldwide, including in Indonesia. Even so, the death rate caused by the plague.

After tracing, it turns out those who are dying most have a history of lung disease and those who are elderly or elderly.

The age factor weakens the body’s immune system, making them more vulnerable to death than young ones. But that does not mean the elderly will die if attacked by this plague.

As experienced by a 102-year-old woman from Italy recently. She was declared fully recovered after being tested positive for COVID-19.

This was revealed directly by the doctor who handled the elderly in an interview with CNN. At first, the 102-year-old grandmother felt the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, then she received treatments at the San Martino hospital, Genoa, Italy.

“She only had a few mild symptoms of the Coronavirus, so we tested her and the result was positive,” said Dr. Vera Sicbaldi, who was treating the woman, was quoted by CNN.

Who would have thought, after receiving treatment for several days, the 102-year-old grandmother was recovering by itself. The doctors who handled this case, then called the grandmother as Highlander, which means Eternal.

“She healed herself, we nicknamed her the ‘eternal Highlander’,” Sicbaldi added.

The findings of this case are expected to make the elderly, who are infected with Corona Virus have the spirit to recover again and fight this Pandemic.

“She represents hope for all the elderly who face this pandemic,” Sicbaldi added.

Now, the grandmother is undergoing a period of recovery at her home. So, what is the secret of the grandmother to recover by itself from the brunt of this virus? Her nephew himself doesn’t even know.

“I don’t know what’s her secrets are, but I do know that she is a free and independent woman,” said her niece, Renato Villa Grondona.

Penulis: | 31 Maret 2020 | blog