Amanda Manopo and Billy Syahputra responded to the issue of their broken relationship

Recently, rumors have been heard claiming that the love affair of the couple Billy Syahputra and Amanda Manopo has just run aground. Well, the two figures then tried to answer the gossip that was heard.

The love story of Amanda Manopo and Billy Syahputra has been very hot in discussion in the last few months. How come? This couple looks so intimate on Social Media.

In fact, it is known that Amanda Manopo often took the time to meet the younger brother of the late Olga Syahputra was on the sidelines during filming.

However, since the two of them are officially dating, several issues have been heard, including the matter of religious differences between the two parties. However, Amanda Manopo emphasized that she never took issue with these differences in beliefs.

In fact, the female actress always remind Billy Syahputra to praying, he has also given gifts to his lover in the form of media for worship.

“For what we are facing, maybe everyone will already know about the differences (religions) that we are currently facing. But I am a very open minded person,” said Amanda Manopo.

It’s just that, recently, the news of the breakdown in the relationship between Amanda Manopo and Billy Syahputra has evaporated again. This was discussed after Amanda Manopo was caught deleting photos of her lover on her personal Instagram.

When asked, Amanda Manopo could only say that she did not want her relationship to become public consumption, and there was a process of self-reflection between herself and Billy.

“Do not want to become public consumption. We are both introspecting to be much better,” wrote Amanda Manopo on Instagram.

While on the one hand, Billy Syahputra also did the same thing, he only left two photos with Amanda Manopo on her personal Instagram account.

Naturally, this makes netizens assume that this couple has run aground, but when asked about this, Billy Syahputra denied this.

“Bang Billy, how is the relationship with Manda, okay, you broken up?” asked the netizen.

At that time, Billy Syahputra emphasized that his relationship with Amanda Manopo was fine.

Penulis: | 5 Februari 2021 | blog