Amanda Caesa admits her closeness with Dul

Indonesian celebrity Amanda Caesa cannot deny the news of her closeness to Ahmad Dhani’s biological son, Abdul Qadir al Jaelani alias Dul. Especially after the two of them seemed to be heap praises on each other.

For example, some time ago Dul ever said that Amanda Caesa was indeed his ideal girl. Suddenly, netizens immediately match Dul with Parto’s daughter.

Talking about this, Amanda couldn’t deny that she and Dul were really close. However, a close relationship does not mean dating.

Amanda admits that she has learned a lot from Dul about music, because she has a passion in this field.

“Right now, I’m close because I have the same passion. After that, we often chat and play together, we are close,” said Amanda.

Furthermore, Amanda Caesa also praised Dul, who according to her, Dul was an adult man and had very broad insight into the world of music.

This is what makes him closer to Dul, because he shares his thoughts.

“Dul is a caring guy who thinks maturely. Then he also mentored me in music, because he was more insightful, more experienced, so he was caring, as if he was like a really close friend.”

“After that he was very good, also a genius in terms of music,” said Amanda.

Even Amanda revealed that Dul often gave her advice about the world of music. That in music there is no need to expect excessive results, just enjoy the process.

“Anyway, in music he says don’t want to be satisfied, just enjoy the process, because the process is more important in music.”

“Then in the future we have to respect the process and that’s the point, don’t be satisfied with the results quickly and if for example, the results are less than we have achieved with our targets, don’t be sad, because there will be a time. We will be more satisfied with the results, “said Amanda.

Before being rumored to be close to Dul, Amanda Caesa was reportedly close to a beautiful singer, Tiara Andini. But it is certain that Dul and Tiara have no special relationship.

Penulis: | 19 Agustus 2020 | blog