Although it’s difficult, Vidal optimistic Barcelona can win title

Barcelona was again displaced from the top of the standings, but midfielder Arturo Vidal said he was still optimistic about the opportunities available for the rest of the season.

The struggle for the Spanish La Liga title in the campaign this season is quite fierce. Barcelona, who are the defending champions, find strong resistance from their eternal rivals, none other than Real Madrid.

Indeed, the Catalan giants had occupied the throne of La Liga for quite a long time, but now it was Zinedine Zidane’s turn to take over the position. The number of points the two teams are equal, the difference is that Real Madrid excels head to head.

There are still seven matches left, in other words anything can happen for the rest of the season. Both teams can still compete for the title.

That fact is what makes midfielder Arturo Vidal still has optimism, he believes Barcelona can still take back the top of the standings.

“Because the match schedules are coincidental, we have to use our time as best as possible so we can play in the next match in the best conditions,” Vidal told FOX Sports.

Vidal feels that the Barcelona players are currently in a fit condition, which is one of the requirements to become champions.

“I think we are currently in perfect condition to be champions,” Vidal said.

Besides the condition of the players who are primed to look at the remaining seven matches, there are other things that also make Vidal feel optimistic. That is the condition of the dressing room which is getting positive day by day.

“Good atmosphere in the team is also an important factor. We are now friends and it helps on the field. I am happy with this condition,” he said.

Barcelona will play the 32nd Jornada this weekend on Saturday Night next WIB (26/06). Lionel Messi and friends will come to the headquarters of Celta Vigo. While Real Madrid itself will come to the Espanyol headquarters.

Of course, both teams must win equally if they want to reach their targets at the end of the season.

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