Allegri: CR7 as good as Ibra

Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri appeared with an eccentric statement. On this opportunity, he claimed to be brave to be a witness to the greatness of two world class attackers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Allegri realized that the quality of the two players was very similar and worthy of juxtaposition.

Allegri should be proud of what he has achieved in the career of the football world. One of his successes was when he collaborated with Ibrahimovic in Serie A. That period happened at AC Milan, after two career seasons, Allegri then decided to move to Juventus.

Now his long career with Juventus again lifted Allegri’s enthusiasm for returning to work with one of the historic players, Cristiano Ronaldo. As for Allegri’s one season experience working with Ronaldo, he appealed to all parties to learn a lot from the player. Allegri claimed that Ronaldo had some similarities with Ibrahimovic.

“We have a lot to learn from Ronaldo, you also have to be like me because not everyone can work with the best players in the world. For example, on Saturday morning, we played a match between ranks. He is happy, but having fun is to win,” Allegri said.

“I talked to him, and I wrote the same thing about Ibra in my book, the idea about pleasure in victory, but I told him that not everyone is like that and for some people, there is pleasure in touching heels, slick steps, etc.”

The theory of “happy in winning” is not one reason why Allegri equates Ronaldo with Ibra. There are other factors such as the seriousness of both in the training session.

“I once worked with Ibra at Milan, who every day was always angry about wrong passes and I told him that if everyone seemed talented, then there would never be a problem,” Allegri continued.

“I give input to him so he can put himself in the right position, like the best and most talented players in the world always do. It’s difficult for many players to be at that level, so you have to be humble to not make people under you feel difficult. That is the reality of life and not only in football, on that side Ronaldo is very good, “Allegri concluded.

In closing the question of the similarity of Ronaldo with Ibra is Ibra’s first season with Allegri at Milan successfully presenting the Serie A title, and that moment was also carried out by Ronaldo with Allegri at Juventus this season.

Penulis: | 14 Mei 2019 | blog