Allegri asked Juve to delay the celebration of Serie A champion

This weekend of Italian Serie A will be a special moment for Juventus, who are ready to celebrate their 8th consecutive title, as for this celebration could happen at home to Spal as Cristiano Ronaldo CS will play there.

Interestingly here, when Juventus’ supporters have prepared all the preparations, it turns out that the figure of Massimiliano Allegri, wants his players to postpone the celebration of that success. The certainty of the title is very visible, where Juventus are now at the top of the standings.

Total of 84 points claimed to be unable to be pursued again by Napoli, who are ranked second with a difference of 20 points behind, from the remaining seven matches this season, predictions answer if Napoli are impossible to pursue the points of the eternal rival. When calculated, Juventus only need a draw against Spal to ensure themselves as the champion of Serie A this season.

Obtaining one point at Spal is clearly not a difficult matter for Juventus, which is filled by world-class players, but they should be vigilant because Leonardo Semplici’s landing squad often make big teams like AS Roma and Lazio bowed sluggishly because they can’t lose. Apart from all these predictions, Allegri still asks all parties to postpone the celebration. Allegri assumed that Juventus had been waiting for a more important match, and he did not want the focus of his team to disappear.

“Whatever is planned, and any form of celebration of the championship will be postponed after Juventus vs Ajax. Tomorrow can be an extraordinary day,” Allegri opened in preparation for Spal vs Juventus.

“Certainly, there must be a bigger celebration, because this moment is very important. Where the Scudetto in a row is something extraordinary, thanks for the hard work shown by the club,”

It is certain that Juventus will return to fighting in the Champions League stage this season, where they will undergo the second leg of the quarter-final against Ajax. In the meantime, Juve are more favored because they are able to hold Ajax draw 1-1 in the first leg yesterday.

If referring to Juventus’ opportunity in the Champions League, then it is appropriate for them to focus on the match against Ajax rather than Spal. Allegri also said that several important players would be rested aside from saving energy, and of course providing opportunities for young players.

“I have to evaluate the training session today, but many of the main players will take a break. There are several players who must be rested. And maybe this will be an opportunity for some young players,” concluded Allegri.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the players who certainly will not be revealed by Allegri in the match against Spal. In addition, he also confirmed that Leonardo Bonucci and Wojciech Szczesny would accompany Ronaldo on the bench. As for the young player that Allegri means Moise Kean will most likely fill Juventus’ main line up against Spal.

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