Alex Rins’ determination to remove Joan Mir from the throne of champions

Even though he is a teammate, Alex Rins does not necessarily allow Joan Mir to retain the MotoGP title in the upcoming 2021 season. This Suzuki Elctar rider is so ambitious to remove Mir from the throne of champion.

Previously, it was necessary to know that Alex Rins and Joan Mir had been teammates at Suzuki Elctar since the 2019 season.

Throughout the 2020 season, the performance of the two Suzuki Riders was quite solid, however, their relationship remained harmonious until finally Joan Mir became world champion.

Meanwhile, Alex Rins himself had to settle for finishing in 3rd position at the end of the season standings.

Alex Rins himself admitted that Joan Mir’s slick performance had more or less provoked him to perform optimally. However, Rins insisted that in the 2021 season, he would not let his colleague win again.

“Of course I want to be the rider who overthrew Joan from his throne, because the first rider you want to beat is your tandem. He’s had a great season, and if I can’t win, I want him to win, to keep the world title for our team. “said Rins.

Furthermore, Alex Rins talked about his relationship with Joan Mir in the upcoming 2021 campaign, whether it will remain the same.

“We will see the progress of this season. I certainly want to continue the sporting attitude we did last year. Of course there are tense moments during the season, and we have more or less talked about it, but our sportsmanship is still there,” he continued.

The success of Joan Mir last season was unexpected, however, Alex Rins saw her as a boost for enthusiasm to navigate the new season campaign.

“The fact that Suzuki is a world champion makes me to face this season more enthusiastically, more enthusiastic about winning the world title. I want to do well.”

“I want to maintain my good racing rhythm like the second half of last season. However, I also want to improve my performance in the qualifying session, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, the first series of the new 2021 MotoGP season will be held on April 28, 2021 at the Losail Circuit, Qatar.

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