Alex Marquez admits he is depressed to be the main focus of the Honda Repsol team

Repsol Honda rider, Alex Marquez feels excessive pressure in his debut season in the MotoGP event. How come? The absence of Marc Marquez made the 24-year-old man the main focus of the Repsol Honda Team this season.

As is known, Marc Marquez suffered a fracture in his right arm in the first MotoGP series this season at Jerez. As a result of the injury, he must be absent until now.

Obviously, the absence of Marc Marquez made the Repsol Honda Team rely solely on Alex Marquez, who in fact had just started his first season in the MotoGP event.

This is certainly hard for the Spanish Rider, especially since his performance was far from expectations. But in the last two series, he managed to get the second podium in a row.

“Good or bad, depending on how you look at it. If Marc is there, he can lighten my burden, because he is the one who has been bearing the team, and he also controls the level of performance and team results.”

“When good results are not achieved by a manufacturer as large as Honda, you feel a huge burden in achieving progress,” said Alex via

However, the absence of Marc Marquez, who has so far managed to collect eight world titles, has had a negative impact on the Repsol Honda team as a whole.

“As their only rider, you also have to achieve good results. So, it really depends on how you see this situation.”

“But Marc’s absence is not positive for anyone, because he is a rider who sets the limits for our motorbike performance and keeps our team going,” he said.

Furthermore, Alex said that the public might not think about Marc Marquez’s absence when he achieved good results like in the last two series.

But not so when the results can not meet expectations like in the first few series. When that happens, Marc Marquez’s presence will be missed.

“If our situation is okay, of course everything is going well. But if there is a problem, you will wonder. ‘What would happen if Marc was here? Does this problem remain or does it disappear? You will always have doubts.” he concluded.

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