Alert! Viruses on Android can break into your mobile bank account

Android is now an operating system that is widely used by mobile users, besides its fairly easy operation, there are many tantalizing features in this OS made by Google. But there is no ivory that is not cracked, Android also has a security hole that can be exploited by the parties ‘nosy’. In fact, this security hole can also be used to break into a cellphone owner’s bank account.

Indeed, Playstore as an application to download various things such as applications, games and others have been protected in such a way by Google. But the fact is our cellphones can be infiltrated by malware aka viruses. The virus can later create a login page that asks for our bank account information.

As is known, banking is now sophisticated, the creation of internet banking applications can facilitate customers in each bank in the transaction. But on the one hand, account information for logging in to the banking application is also very dangerous, so vulnerable to hackers. With the malware the Hacker will get the banking account login information of the cellphone owner.

If it gets leaked, it’s clear the hackers will easily drain debit in our account. As far as this news was revealed, more than 60 financial institutions were targeted by the technique. The good news, Google has secured that gap and is now figuring out its origins.

“He targeted several banks in various countries and the malware successfully exploited end users to steal money,” said Tim Hansen, a security expert from the research agency Promon who discovered it.

Initially, Promon analyzed malicious applications that drain money in bank accounts. It called Strandhogg, the gap can be used to trap users who think they are using an official application, even though the user does not know that it is a ‘cloning’ application to reap the benefits of the account owner.

“Previously, we have never found cases like this. As the operating system becomes more complex, it is difficult to monitor all interactions. So this case is an unreachable case, because of the increasingly complex operating system,” said Tim.

“We really appreciate the research and analysis team that has found loopholes that can harm Android users. In addition, we continue to investigate in order to improve Google’s ability to protect users against similar issues,” Google said.

Penulis: | 3 Desember 2019 | blog