Agent does not accept Real Madrid’s treatment to Bale

Jonathan Barnett as the transfer agent for Gareth Bale seemed very unacceptable to Real Madrid’s treatment to the Welshman. In fact, according to him, Los Blancos should give high appreciation to his client.

Yes, after seven years of defending Real Madrid, in the end Bale did have to switch clubs this summer. Although in fact he hasn’t really left the Santiago Bernabeu.

The 30-year-old winger has officially returned to the arms of his former club, Tottenham Hotspur through a one-year loan deal.

So far it is not known whether the agreement involves a permanent clause that can be activated at the end of the loan period, or only a temporary loan.

But regardless, at least Bale has left Real Madrid, where the situation will not be good for the player if he stays at the Santiago Bernabeu.

In fact, Jonathan Barnett as the player’s Transfer Agent is also happy with this transfer. This is because he feels Bale is being treated unfairly by Real Madrid.

In fact, the Spanish giants should have given special credit to Bale for his contributions to the club so far.

“For someone who has done the best he has done for Real Madrid, he doesn’t get the respect he deserves and that’s a big problem,” Barnett told talkSPORT.

Bale has indeed contributed a lot to Real Madrid’s title achievement since 2013 until now. In fact, in his first season he played a big role in helping the club win the European Champions League and Copa Del Rey.

But in reality, Bale has been the target of criticism in recent years. In fact, the player remains in the spotlight even though he is not playing.

“This country should be very proud of him, Great Britain should be very proud of him. Stop bringing him down and write down what he has done and what he has achieved,”

“This is very annoying, and it is the same with Real Madrid and what he has achieved for them. They should adore him as high as the sky,” he concluded.

What Bale highlighted is his habit of playing golf, despite being injured.

Penulis: | 23 September 2020 | blog