After separating from KD, Anang admits suffered financial losses

The moment of divorce with Krisdayanti might be one of the worst moments in Anang Hermansyah’s life. Besides having to feel the bitterness of the destruction of the household, the figure who now also serves as a member of the DPRD feels a bad impact on his financial condition.

Anang indeed had time to establish a household mahligai together with Krisdayanti or who is familiarly called KD. In fact, his marriage to Krisdayanti lasted quite a long time and has been blessed with two children, Aurel and Azriel Hermansyah.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2009, due to the presence of a third person at that time. In fact, Anang’s divorce case with KD had caused a stir in the Indonesian community.

Many things are known to the public regarding Anang and Krisdayanti’s divorce, but after the divorce, Anang was really down. In addition to his household not being intact, he also had to accept the fact that his financial condition was also suffering.

To Raffi Ahmad, Anang said at that time he only had a shop and saving around IDR 10 million .

“Before the divorce was finished, brother Sam, he only lived in the shop, right? And that’s all that only the shop house has?” said Raffi.

“Yeah, after I got divorced from Yanti, I only have a shop, and there’s nothing else,” explained Anang again.

“Is it really just a shop, bro?” insisted Raffi.

“Eh, don’t listen, at that time you had the same money as IDR 10 million. That’s it, time is divorced, “Anang said again.

Even more sad, Anang also did not have adequate vehicles, only one car was left.

“I have just one green one, that’s all,” stressed Sam again.

Shortly after separating from Anang Hermansyah, Krisdayanti was officially married to Raul Lemos. While Anang had a relationship with Syahrini before, then marrying Ashanty in 2012.

Now, it can be said that Anang’s life is better financially, even the singer of the song ‘Jangan Memilih Aku’ has already been blessed with two children from his marriage to Ashanty.

Penulis: | 3 Juni 2020 | blog