After scoring two goals, Zlatan Ibrahimovic brags again?

AC Milan’s famous striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic boasted after scoring a pair of goals in the win over Sampdoria earlier this morning. According to him, that was evidence to silence the critics.

Ibra himself joined Milan in early 2020, after his contract with LA Galaxy ended.

At that time, many people doubted the Rossoneri’s decision to give a contract to a Swedish player. Besides the age factor, the former PSG player last two seasons ‘only’ played in the land of Uncle Sam.

The claimed quality of Ibra is no longer as sharp as before, its golden period has ended at the age of 38. But, the former Barcelona player managed to silence the doubters, he was even called the ‘savior’ for Milan who had slumped at the beginning of this season.

This is also apparent from the statistics, where Ibra scored 9 goals and 5 assists in AC Milan’s last 17 matches in the Italian Serie A. Latest, he packed two goals against Sampdoria at dawn earlier this morning (30/07), where Milan successfully won with a score of 4-1.

Not Ibra if his name does not boast, after the match he too gave an expression of arrogance.

“People say I am old and tired, but I am just starting to warm up. I am similar to Benjamin Button, except I am always young, never old,” Ibrahimovic told Milan TV, quoted by Football Italia.

For information, Benjamin Button referred to by Ibra is a fictional character in a widescreen movie titled ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

In a film inspired by a novel with the same title, the figure of Benjamin Button is more productive when he is old. He was born old, then died in a baby.

Ibra considers that the AC Milan attackers already have the right mentality when in front of the opponent’s goal.

“I think everyone here has the right mentality in front of goal, because I know that when there is an opportunity in Serie A, you have to take it. You have to attack and kill the game,” he said.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic hasn’t made a decision about his future at Milan. His contract will expire as the campaign ends this season.

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