After Plastic Surgery, This Model Admits That Her Breast Is No Longer Beautiful

There are various ways that people do to beautify themselves, including one with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can be said to be an instant way to beautify the physical, it’s just that it costs a lot of money.

Oplas itself is not only a matter of face, Breast Filler is also a type of plastic surgery like what has been done by the beautiful model Monica Indah. Unfortunately, this figure who is also a celebrity has become a victim of fake breast fillers.

Monica Indah was initially tempted by her friend who did butt filler at the same place, coincidentally, the cost was quite affordable.

But who would have thought, the breast filler made Monica’s breasts sore, reddened until she felt a high fever. As a result, Monica Indah took her to the hospital and so far, she has spent 200 million on her.

“I only had cheap breast fillers for Rp. 14 million, but the treatment was really expensive up to Rp. 200 million, but it’s not finished yet. The action was 15 November 2020 injecting breast fillers. The breasts were injected either using fillers or something.”

“I used to filler on my chin, it’s safe. But after three weeks later I felt sick. I was sick from December until now, “said Monica when contacted.

The 165cm woman admits that she really wants to enlarge her breasts to make them look more attractive, it’s a shame that she doesn’t know much about breast fillers and the risks.

“Yes, my name is a woman so that it is big. I’m from 34 to 36. I feel less educated. When I see my friend who is a celebrity is so good. I don’t know the danger of this breast filler.” He said.

Now that the Breast Filler has actually made her breasts suffer from mastitis, Monica regrets for the rest of her life, especially that the shape of her breasts is no longer as beautiful as it was before the filler was done.

“I regret it all my life, because it’s no longer good. My breasts are deformed, they are not beautiful, “said Monica.

Because of that, Monica reminded people that it is better not to do Breast Filler because later it will lead to regret.

“Yes, it is because of the filler, he said that the filler is not good. It’s really dangerous, stop breast fillers, you will definitely regret it,” said Monica.

Penulis: | 16 Maret 2021 | blog