Accused of tax fraud, Mourinho accepted a prison sentence

The Portuguese manager, Jose Mourinho, has left Spain ages ago, but this fact does not necessarily make The Special One free from the sanctions that ensnared him in connection with a tax evasion case he had committed while handling Real Madrid. It caused Mourinho accepted a prison sentence for one year.

As is known, Jose Mourinho managed to handle Real Madrid, precisely from 2010 to 2013. During this period, this coach’s nicknamed, The Special One could not be said to be successful. Indeed, he managed to present the Spanish league championship trophy, but if compared to previous achievements with Inter Milan, Mourinho was not arguably a success.

In fact, the period at Real Madrid was more often tinged with negative news, including among them the feud with Barcelona players, until the club’s internal conflict. Mourinho went dishonestly in the summer of 2013 because he failed to offer Real Madrid any trophy in his final season. In essence, Mourinho’s period in Real Madrid was one of the worst versions of the manager.

That does not only apply to achievement, but to the coach’s behavior outside of football, which has just been proven that Mourinho did tax evasion. The Spanish authorities have proven that The Special one avoids tax between 2011-2012 related to the Image Rights license worth 3.5 million Euros.

According to El Mundo news, Mourinho finally reached an agreement with the Spanish tax authorities and received a prison sentence twice 6 months from each year, he carried out the illegal practice. This former architect of Inter Milan must also pay a € 2 million fine.

Regardless of the punishment imposed on him, Mourinho does not have to be behind bars. Law in Spain states that a sentence of less than two years for the first offense can be carried out on probation.

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