Accused of duplicating logo, Wolverhampton undergoing a court process

Amid the hectic celebration of the title of the English Premier League champions this season, it turns out there are also clubs that are still busy in taking care of their ‘main kitchen’. The club referred to here is called Wolverhampton, who were busy undergoing a court process because they were sued by British retirees, because they were considered duplicating the logo created in the 1960s.

The retired figure in question is Peter Davies who is currently over 70 years old. In a brief acknowledgment, Peter has a lot of evidence that he once participated in a drawing race and by chance Peter was a wolf head logo. The competition was held at an art gallery in the West Midlands.

Peter has also taken legal action and has been included in the court case. Until now, the pre-trial process is underway and the initial hearing was held on Thursday, May 9 yesterday.

Peter added how his idea appeared to decide to draw a sketch that was now the logo of the Wolverhampton club. He admitted that at that time a teacher asked him to show an understanding of hexagrammum mysticum.

The science was compiled by French mathematician Blaise Pascal, which contained a hexagon is a circle. Peter, who previously worked as a building industry manager, continued his understanding of geometric theory to create animal icons which were later used by Wolverhampton.

Responding to this case, Wolverhampton denied all accusations of Peter and were ready to sue back. Through its legal institutions, Wolverhampton are trying to explore the case for several reasons including no reasonable reason to act and admit that Wolverhampton are wrong.

Apart from this case, in fact Wolverhampton’s performance on the English Premier League stage was truly extraordinary. Entering as a debutant team this season, Wolverhampton were able to prove themselves as a ferocious wolf with a success in staying in the top seven in the standings until the season ended.

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