According to Van Gaal, Manchester United is a “stingy” club

Two seasons apparently were enough for Louis Van Gaal to draw conclusions about Manchester United. The Dutch tactician hinted that the Red Devils are classified as a club that is too frugal or stingy.

As is known, Louis Van Gaal is believed to be David Moyes’s successor in the Manchester United chair in the summer of 2014. The consideration, Van Gaal was quite experienced and before he took the Netherlands to the World Cup final.

With his achievements and experience, Van Gaal is expected to bring Manchester United back to glory after being dropped under the direction of David Moyes. However, the opposite happened.

Van Gaal only won the FA Cup title while still in charge of Manchester United, even a few days after winning the trophy, he was kicked out of the manager’s chair. The public considers it a failure.

However, the Dutchman insisted that the failure was not entirely his fault. Van Gaal argued that the club did not provide financial support by buying the players he wanted. In fact, at that time the Red Devils’ squad was full of players who were older.

“Manchester United did not have the quality to be champions at the time and have players who are aging. There are 10 players over 30 years old and five players over 35 years old.

So I told them they wanted to rejuvenate the team and say which players should be bought. I did not get any of them.

You end up in a different segment and as a coach I am forced to cross the line. You do not expect such a thing in the richest club in the world, “said Van Gaal as reported by the Evening Standard.

What Van Gaal complained about was the fact that Manchester United, which made a profit of up to 600 million pounds, were even reluctant to buy players labeled stars.

“A club that makes 600 million Pounds in profit and can’t buy the players you want. You should buy number one, not number seven. If you are so rich, then you also have to pay the highest official price imaginable for a player,” he complained.

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