According to Lukaku, Antonio Conte is a great coach

Inter Milan managed to continue their positive trend when they travel to San Paolo to face host Napoli earlier last week. The victory also marked the beginning of the Nerazzurri’s journey in 2020. Lukaku who scored a pair of goals in the match even flattered his coach, Antonio Conte, who according to him is a great leader.

Italian Serie A immediately step on the gas in 2020, starting last week they immediately played the 18th giornata. Inter Milan itself was displaced from the top of the standings after Juventus won a 4-0 victory over Cagliari. But not long ago, Inter again took over the throne of the standings.

Come to the headquarters of Naples, Inter Milan had predicted it would be difficult to pick full points, in addition to being under pressure, they also have to play in front of Partenopei supporters. But it seems that playing at home doesn’t help the Gennaro Gattuso landing team much. The Nerazzurri looked to easily win 1-3.

Romelu Lukaku became the star of victory in the match with two goals packed. Lautaro Martinez also donated a goal to complete the Nerazzurri victory while keeping the team sitting at the top of the Serie A standings. Although he is often the target of flattery by several parties, Lukaku prefers to flatter his coach, Antonio Conte.

The former Chelsea coach, according to Lukaku, is an experienced leader, he is happy with the achievements of Inter Milan so far.

“I am really happy with our achievements now, but we are still able to work even better. It’s important to have a great leader like Antonio Conte on the bench, also important for a young team, it’s crucial to have someone with a lot of experience,” Lukaku told Sky Sport Italia.

Furthermore, Lukaku sent flattery to his team-mate Lautaro Martinez who became his tandem on the front lines of Inter Milan this season. The Belgian player claims to be good friends with the Argentine starlet.

“We are good friends, many things are done together both on and off the field. When we are in the field, we are happy to give each other services, “he concluded.

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