AC Milan’s legend is threatened with bankruptcy!

Former AC Milan player with the title of legend, Marcos Cafu must be recognized as having a super-super-patient heart, as well as his situation and conditions and not being good. Viral reports say that if the Brazilian-born footballer is threatened with bankruptcy, means he is in debt.

Although he is not much active in the world of soccer, this figure often gets an invitation to fill the big events of world football. The most visible is when the World Cup event or international event.

Cafu was last seen in the 2019 Copa America, where Brazil hosted. Luckily with this status, they came out as champions after defeating Peru with a landslide score of 3-1 in the final match.

Now everything is fixed on Cafu after the claim says if it is hit by debt problems. Investigated, Cafu’s debt reached 4.4 million dollars. The debt flows through his private company called Capi Penta International Player.

The Capi Penta International Company which is family owned was officially established with his wife in 2004. The company is not far from Cafu’s expertise, which is engaged in agents of soccer players and athletes in other sports.

Initially it went smoothly, but in recent years there has been a decline in performance and is threatened with bankruptcy as Cafu tried to keep building the company by making several loans to related parties.

“This problem is my personal problem. I can pay with my property, my car, my house. I can pay my debts as I want,” Cafu said with a furious voice after being touched on the matter.

The party that was harmed and this time the bank which is the media of Cafu to carry out the loan is claimed to have carried out seizures in the form of five Cafu assets as collateral for the debt from the company. On the other hand, Cafu claimed to have 11 assets that he had collected since he was active as a professional footballer.

Speaking of Cafu, his name is known as one of the world’s best right-backs. Very reasonable because the quality is proven by a variety of individual titles both at the national team level and at the club level.

Cafu’s career success occurred at the international level by helping Brazil win twice, namely in 1994 and 2002. When Brazil won the 2002 World Cup, Cafu became captain with two Copa America titles in 1997 and 1999.

When referring to club level, his career was not as bright as the national team level, but Cafu had felt the title of Italian Serie A championship with AS Roma in the 2000-01 season. Not enough with Roma, where Cafu also had the chance to feel the 2006-07 Champions League title with AC Milan and successfully won the 2003-04 Scudetto.

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