AC Milan officially signed Leo Duarte from Flamengo

In between a short period of closing the 2019 summer transfer market, AC Milan officially announced their success in recruiting the 23-year-old young defender, Leo Duarte from Flamengo Brazil. If dissecting Milan’s transfer journey, then this one club has a fairly good network with Brazilian clubs.

AC Milan is known as the club that most often brings the talents of the Samba club. If referring to existing records, the name of Leo Duarte is ranked 36th in the red-black shirt that is the pride of Milan.

Throughout his professional career, Duarte only played in the Brazilian Serie A stage. Together with Flamengo, Duarte recorded a total of 92 appearances in four seasons. The highlight of his career with the Brazilian club was during the last 2018 season.

Duarte played 49 times in all competitions and collected just two goals. Along the way, Duarte successfully presented two Campeonato Carioca titles which were won in 2017 and 2019. AC Milan got Duarte with a transfer value of 11 million Euros with a five-year contract.

Dissecting AC Milan long-term, so they are lucky as Duarte is considered a good solution for the heart of AC Milan’s defense. As is well known that Milan is plagued by many obstacles, and one of them is because Mattia Caldara is still under treatment, with the results they rely on Mateo Musacchio and Alessio Romagnoli.

Duarte is not alone as a Flamengo player in Milan, it is known that previously there was the name of Lucas Paqueta who successfully played impressive and was nicknamed as Kaka’s successor. If referring to the legend, then Kaka is a successful figure in AC Milan.

Kaka successfully won five titles from various events and one Ballon d’Or trophy for himself. Do not stop at Kaka, there is also the name of Alexander Pato also had found a period of success in the Rossoneri. Coming from Internacional in 2007 with bandrol reached 24 million euros, and is quite large.

But unlike Kaka, Pato was considered a failure because he fought more on the operating table due to a recurring injury. Besides these two names, we should also discuss the name Ronaldinho.

This legendary player also felt the rigors of Italian Serie A. But age is the main factor the player’s failure to shine, and decided to return to Flamengo in 2011 with a career record of three seasons at the San Siro alone.

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